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Nicole Kidman’s Fitness & weight loss secrets
Nicole Kidman, a strapping 5 feet 101/2 inches tall beauty set the rumor mills rolling about her second pregnancy when a reporter caught the picture of a small bump around her midriff.  Or is it just that she has gained some weight?
The truth is however, Nicole never had issues with her weight all along. She not only keeps a healthy weight loss diet plan but also a good fitness & excercise program.  This Australian actress and model recognizes that she needs to take a lot of care for her weight but she isn’t very friendly with weight loss plans or gyms to do her fitness exercise program.
Nicole Kidman’s Organic Food Weight Loss Diet Plan
So what’s Nicole’s secret to that sexy body? The answer lies in her organic food healthy weight-she only eats organic food in her weight loss diet plan without treatment because she is afraid of pesticides. At her age, the actress understands that she needs to choose a good nutrition weight loss diet plan to help her skin and body to be young and be in good health.
Another secret to Nicole’s sexy body? A sure fire weight loss plan called moderation otherwise known as portion control! Yes, the actress eats only small portions of food in her weight loss diet plan to keep her body in good shape. Nicole confesses about her weight loss diet plan “I have to eat several times a day to satisfy me.” After the pregnancy of her daughter Sunday Rose, “I gained a few pounds over the waist but nothing I haven’t been able to lose from my healthy weigh tloss plan.”
“I try to eat well only organic food in my weight loss diet plan such as salads, fish and sometimes pasta but I am no friend of food with a high fat content,” she said in reference to the importance of keeping a healthy weight loss diet plan. Nicole Kidman’s Weight Loss Secret: A Good Fitness Exercise Program
Nicole’s fitness exercise program routine includes cardio exercise such as running outdoors. During the week she exercises by running 7 miles, and on the weekends – between 10 and 12 miles. Also, Kidman practices yoga exercise, and swims laps.
Nicole explains that due to the fact that she has grown closed to the sea, she has developed a “very special relationship with the water” . She declares that she does cardio exercise by swimming daily, for about 30 minutes although she now “prefers to do her swimming fitness exercise in the pool”. “Swimming is one of the best weight loss program and fitness exercise program out there!” declares Nicole Kidman.
In addition to cardio such as running and swimming, also part of Nicole’s fitness exercise program is playing tennis which she loves dearly. She confesses that she plays tennis about 1-2 times a week as part of her weight loss and fitness exercise program.
Her top 3 fitness exercise program tipsFitness Exercise Tip #1:Long sets of fitness exercises with lots of reps (50-100) develop long, fine muscles.Fitness Exercise Tip #2:Mix weights with cardio exercise. Ideally, mix up intense bursts of fitness exercise with ‘recovery’ periods of easier work.
Fitness Exercise Tip #3:
Every week, have an ‘enjoyable’ fitness exercise session such as cycling, dancing, swimming, running or yoga exercise, in addition to your daily fitness exercise program.
Her top 3 nutrition and healthy weight loss diet plan tipsHealthy Weight Loss Tips #1:
Have 5 small meals a day (2 at home and 3 at work) rather than 3 big ones in your weight loss diet plan.
Healthy Weight Loss Tips #2:
Be inventive with your cooking. This will help develop a better relationship with food and control the amount of calories you have in your weight loss diet plan.
Healthy Weight Loss Tips #3:
Have dessert at lunchtime, not at dinnertime, so you’ve got the afternoon to burn it off
fergie,pilates maching in scarsdale,fitness for women scarsdale,fit women,susan marlowe fitnessFergie’s
celebrity diet & fitness secret
Fergie keeps a pretty strict diet to ensure her tummy stays flat at all times. Although she doesn’t always deprive herself of her favorite foods, she does stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. She is also rumored to be on the macro and raw diet, which is comprised of the exact same ingredients. One of Fergie’s tricks to a flat stomach is drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar right before eating lunch and dinner. Apparently, this helps keeps the stomach nice and flat and also helps you feel a little fuller.
Fergie’s Workout
We’re not quite sure what Fergie’s exact workout is, but we know it’s an intense one just by looking at her toned muscles.  By the looks of it, Fergie works out almost every single days and concentrates on her abs, as well as toning and strength training for the arms and legs. If you want to follow Fergie’s diet, just make sure you start adopting a healthy lifestyle and work your body like it’s a prize.
celebrity secret fittness and diet,Gweneth paltow weigh tloss secret,celebrity tips for diet and exercise,susan Marlowe fitnessGwyneth Paltrow celebrity fitness secret
Sexy, blonde actress Gwyneth Paltrow used to be famous only for being once engaged to Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s leading actors. But Gwyneth proved to be more than just that when she won the Academy Award for her role in Shakespeare in Love and since then, the blond actress has been under the watchful eye of Hollywood critics who can be really judgmental especially when it comes to the women in Hollywood, judgmental about not only the acting skills of a star but even their look and weight. Gwyneth’s not an exemption to the rule. But unlike other actresses, she’s remained to be the tall, wafer thin, delicate beauty that she is even at 37. What’s her secret? Read on below to find out all about Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet plan and fitness training regimen.
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Weight Loss Diet Plans
The star of Iron Man, Gwyneth Paltrow has been known to be a follower of different kinds of weight loss diets. The stunning actress was well known to strictly follow the Macrobiotic weight loss plan before giving birth. Named for the Greek words that mean long life, the Macrobiotic Weight Loss Diet Plan has the goal of giving you a life of peace and helping you avoid disease. The Macrobiotic weight loss diet plan is a plant-based diet that recommends that you eat foods that are natural to your climate zone and environment. It’s a diet plan based on whole grains and limit animal products. This diet plan also means avoiding processed and artificial foods in favor of those found in their natural, whole form.
Early last year, however, the self proclaimed lifestyle maven announced that she was trying on a new diet plan – the weight loss diet plan. She wrote in her GOOP newsletter that she consulted with her doctor, a detox weight loss diet expert for the guidelines he uses to achieve a good detox diet plan that is not as hallucinogenic as the  detox weight loss diet plan and it came down to this: you can detox easily and effectively while you continue to eat as long as you are cutting out the foods and the other substances that interfere with the detoxification process. Gwyneth continued on with these weight loss tips when on the detox diet plan: drink lots of water, have a menu plan for a seven-day elimination diet and drink shakes and juices because these are detox diet meant to be liquid meals that help decrease the amount of work your digestive system has to do. Ms. Paltrow also threw this additional advice from Dr. Alejandro Junger, her detox specialist:
• Do deep breathing or gentle yoga
• Take a couple of spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil at night to help stimulate your liver to eliminate bile and keep its circulation flowing
• If your bowel movements get sluggish, you can accelerate things by drinking half a cup of castor oil or using a mild herbal laxative. Bowel elimination is paramount for correct detoxification.
• exercise or go on a sauna bath as it is important to sweat
• Finally, make sure to eat whole organic foods, which have the best chance of having all the nutrients needed for liver and general detoxification
This year, Gwyneth is singing another different tune when asked about her weight loss diet plan. Ms. Paltrow’s now against fast diets. The mother of two who is married to Coldplay rocker Chris Martin says she no longer wants to follow a very strict weight loss diet plan and instead makes sure she undergoes regular exercise. “I can eat what I want, as long as I exercise, which is probably the best weight loss program I’ve ever been on because if I think “diets”, I immediately gain a stone.”
Gwyneth, 37, credits celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for her stunning figure. Her fitness trainer had helped her lose weight which she gained from pregancy and has helped her reshape her body to develop a slender elegant look. Her routine is a combination of Pilates exercise techniques, dance and aerobics exercises, developed by fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson. The fitness trainer, who also worked with Madonna, claims she helps her clients lose 9 inch from their stomach and thighs in the first 10 sessions. She reveals to Lifestyle Magazine, “I’ve been the weight loss help of hundreds of women – even celebrity clients have these kinds of issues, in terms of not liking their shape. And it all comes down to whether or not you’re a hard worker and someone who puts in 100 percent in your fitness exercise program. With my fitness training, you have to be motivated and consistent.”
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Kim Kardshian
celebrity diet & fitness secret
 Kim Kardshian able to get down from 120lbs to 105 lbs in just seven days? Find out more.Before go further, let go a brief introduction about Kim. She is a reality TV show celebrity in her family’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians” & lately she involved on the upcoming “Dancing with the Stars” with her stunning dancing skill. With the aggressive dancing skills that will perform in the dancing show, no doubt this surely will help her burn out a lot of fat and calories.Kim also promoting and selling her DVD’s “Fit In your Jean On Friday” for about a year now and is having great success. Kim is 5ft 2inch’s tall and 115 pounds curvy superstar claimed that wants to slim down to 107lbs in the coming week. What’s her plan?Kim Kardashian’s diet:Kim loves to eat unhealthy foods and a photo shoot captured she had a cheeseburger, a taco, a hot dog, KFC and doughnuts. She need to change her ordinary eating habit in order to slim her down to 107lbs. Old eating diet: Starbucks tall white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Lunch: Salad with cranberries and candied walnuts. Chocolate chip cookie and a diet Coke. Snack: Cupcake. Dinner: Pasta with vegetables and chicken. Cookies and ice cream for desert.With the old weight loss diet, she consumed total of 2263 calories per day compare with the new weight loss plan for women only 1438 calories per day. Let see Kim’s new diet plan: Breakfast: Oatmeal with fresh fruit like bananas . Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken. Pinkberry yogurt with fruit and granola. Snack: Carrots and low-cal ranch dressing. Dinner: Fish, vegetables and green tea before bed.
Kim Kardashian’s workout plan:Kim does it 3-5 times a week with start off with running on cardio machines like the treadmill or elliptical  for about 30 minutes then follow by lift weights for about another 30 minutes. She mainly focus on lower body workout to keep her thighs and butt toned. She alternate switch between arms and legs workout then continue with the abs and stomach exercise and then stretch.According to Kim, her favorite exercises are squats and lunges – ideal for the lower part of the body . Reggie Bush given motivation to Kim on her workout and give proper instruction on how to lift weight correctly.Get to know more on how you actually can doing the same workout plan and proper diet plan to get your body look fabulous like Kim Kardashian
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Taylor swift -celebrity fitness secret
She’s only 19 years old and already an icon of the new generation of musicians. Taylor swift is also a role model for girls all around the world, being the epitome of talent, elegance, class and common sense. Many say that, despite her age, Swift is more mature than most adults in today’s showbiz, and this also applies to her approach to a healthy lifestyle, as her latest interview with allure magazine clearly shows.

Although with a delicate frame that would hardly require working out, some might say, Taylor knows that physical exercise is not only about losing weight. While focusing on staying healthy, the singer also trains to be in a fit physical shape that would prevent her from panting on stage during concerts, as she reveals for the aforementioned magazine.

“Basically, if I’m indulging too much and not exercising enough, I can feel that. I can feel a change before I see it. For me, working out is not so I can get skinny. It’s so that I can keep up my endurance so I’m not panting on stage. Heavy breathing is the worst when you’re in concert. You don’t want to see that if you’re going to see a show.” the stunning singer admits for the mag.

The best way to stay in shape for Taylor is running. In the same interview, the 19-year-old singer who broke all the music records in a while with her first two albums says she positively enjoys running. Also, just in case she does not have the time to go outdoors for a quick jog, she keeps a treadmill in the house, as well as one in her tour bus, to stay in shape in her home away from home. Running on the treadmill also helps her fight pre-show jitters, Taylor admits.

On a final note, when she’s not singing or training, Taylor shares she’s blogging or signing autographs. For an artist with her level of success and popularity, this one country singer proves to be extremely well-grounded, saying that she knows she is who she is because of her fans, and this is why she’s going out of her way not to lose contact with them. “I never would have sold any records if my fans hadn’t gone out and bought them. It’s so incredible to go out and sign autographs for nine hours straight. That’s just my favorite thing to do, honestly.” Swift explains for Allure.
Teri Hatcher celebrity fitness secret
Terry Hatcher celebrity secret fittness and diet,weigh tloss secret,celebrity tips for diet and exercise

looks so good in her mid forties, it would seem that she could make a new appearance as the Bond Girl again any time now! It’s difficult having sympathy for Hollywood stars. We tend to think that, because of their privileged they don’t have the pressures that the rest of us have. But all the pressures of maintaining a Hollywood career and being a single mom over the years, it’s been tough to Teri Hatcher.
TeriHatcher’s Diet Plan
Teri Hatcher does not try fad diets or the weight loss program of the month. She tries to keep to a low fat diet  When it comes to diets, she likes to eat grilled chicken or steamed fish with fresh vegetables. When she needs a treat, occasionally she’ll give in and go for guilty pleasures, which are banana splits with chocolate and gummy bears. In People Magazine it was reported that she is not on the a specifc plan and she will have the occasional cheat consisting of potato chips and pizza but her normal program is full of healthy foods such as chicken stir-fry with vegetable, oatmeal and tuna fish which make up some good diet foods.
Teri Hatcher’s Fitness  has made it easier for Teri is her love of  the outdoors“I like to hike and work out at the gym but I get bored easily,” she says. “That’s when I started doing the stripping classes. It’s very much about empowerment and female movement. There are no mirrors and nobody cares what you look like. It’s just all about being comfortable with your own skin. It really gives a good weight loss.”
Teri’s saucy way to stay fit involves basic home exercise equipment for an hour of Pilates  class and yoga-style stretching exercises, followed by 30 minutes of pole- or lap dancing – and normally without a man in sight! “It’s not about turning a guy on,” explains Teri, “it’s about turning yourself on and feeling good about yourself.”
Lastly, she mentioned she likes to set fitness goals like the mini-triathlon with friends, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Hatcher has always been in tip top shape and recently she and a friend were discussing the ‘bucket list’ and she mentioned she always wanted to participate in a triathlon.  Ironically enough, said her show’s parent company Disney, asked if she would lead a team for the triathlon to raise money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Likewise, the timing was right for Hatcher to make her dream a reality.
For this, Teri Hatcher’s training and fitness  exercise has kicked up a notch and she biked to work three to four times a week.  She did mention that of the three events in the triathlon, the running portion which occurs last, is the most difficult.
Angelina Jolie's workout and diet celebrity secret
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   When I was a teen and when I was in high school I worked at the fitness center Susan Marlowe Fitness in Scarsdale New York where Angelina Jolie's grandmother Claire Voight exercised. What is so amazing is that she power walked everyday at the club and participated in the pilates classes that I taught. We often spoke about her famous son John and her granddaughter Angie. Now years later that granddaughter grew up to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and super fit at that. Angelina is a role model not only for her strong and tone body but,for her inner strength,confidence and worldwide care and compassion for goodwill.
 Angelina Jolie has once again been voted as one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. However, we still know little about her daily routines to stay in such great shape. She is slim, and has some good muscle tone. She suffers from being a bit veiny at times, but maybe this is just after an intensive training session. It is possible that now just running around after her family is enough to keep her in shape! Her career as a cinema action figure started with her portrayal of Lara Croft in the first Tomb Raider film, then continued with roles in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Being married to Brad Pitt also helped to elevate her to higher levels of stardom. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, and has adopted children that have been in serious need of help. She is certainly a role model for all. So, how does she do it?Angelina Jolie’s Fitness Training for Tomb raider we know that in preparation for her role in Tomb Raider in 2000 she took up kick boxing,running and weapons training, including sword fighting and spear throwing. She also learned to row, dive and even play soccer.Martial arts training provides an excellent full body workout, and weapons training add further resistance to this. Wielding weapons of any nature requires a high level of athleticism. Much of her training involved working on a heavy punch bag to build kicking strength in her hips and thighs, as well as upper body strength and endurance. A one hour kick boxing session can burn up to 800 calories for someone of Angelina’s frame.
I’m doing bungee ballet and I’m doing diving, weapons training with the Special Forces. I’m doing kickboxing – everything from soccer to rowing. One British thing is to learn manners – they’re sending me to manners school! I’m glad that’s so funny! interview with angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and yoga- Less surprising is that Angelina likes to keep in shape with yoga workouts. For her frame, a muscle toning yoga session is an excellent choice. It ensures that she remains sleek and strong, without getting too bulky. Yoga also provides an opportunity to unwind, relax and have time to yourself, which is important for someone as busy as Angelina. To maintain firm muscles and keeping the fat off, sun salutations are highly recommended.Angelina Jolie’s Diet regime again, we do not know much about her diet. During her Tomb Raider training, when she first became a more athletic action figure of a woman, she was eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet to help build muscle and keep fat to a minimum. She was also drinking protein shakes to help beef her up a little. Like models and athletes, she also consumed several smaller meals everyday rather than the standard 3 large meals. Other sources have suggested that Angelina follows a raw macrobiotic and whole natural diet“, i.e. avoidance of wheat based foods and red meats, with emphasis on raw salads, fruits and fish.She admitted that she actually became rather fond of sea bass, vegetables and soy milk, going as far to say that all she ever drank was soy milk! However, remember that everyone is allowed a day off the strict diet.
Celebrity workout,celebrity diet and fitness,weight loss celebrity secrets
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Halle Berry weight loss and fitness celebrity secret
Halle Berry has always been known as one of the hottest celebrity bodies in Hollywood. This because of the sleek,tone ands symmetrical and perfectly proportioned measurements of her physique. She had to lose 40 pounds after giving birth to her daughter to regain the amazing body everybody around the world is used to seeing. But how did she do it?Halle Berry is a type II diabetic which means she can’t eat sugary products. Because of her disease she had to rearrange her eating habits a long time ago: "Because I'm diabetic, I totally changed my diet and workout regimen a few years ago. I don't eat fried foods or refined sugar — only natural sugar in fruit and vegetables. And I don't eat carbs a lot." This means that she eats raw and organic food regularly.To lose weight Halle Berry likes to use Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor Fitness weight loss plan which is based on working out 5 times a week for at least 25 minutes each time and having a healthy balanced diet. Halle Berry doesn’t like to starve herself to lose weight, and she didn’t resort to a drastic diet even when she had to lose 40 pounds of baby fat.To help her lose all that weight, besides using the 5 Factor Diet, Halle Berry also followed Ramona Braganza’s 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone Workout. Ramona Braganza is the long time personal trainer of Halle Berry. According to Ramona Braganza “3-2-1 is fantastic for shaping up a post-baby body. It combines three segments of cardio, two segments of weights and one segment of core work, all in a one-hour workout.”Each time Halle Berry had to lose weight or get in shape for a movie she preferred to exercise a lot instead of starving herself. By following a healthy diet an exercising a lot you can get a hot looking body just like Halle Berry.
Berry worked out up until she was 7 1/2 months pregnant. A few weeks after the baby, "she was ready to show up, ready to lose the weight," says her trainer Ramona Braganza, who helped the star reclaim her red-carpet figure within three and a half months. "We started out conservatively, with just some cardio and stretching, five days a week," says Braganza. "After a week, we changed it up." This helped keep Berry motivated and energized. "No one wants to do the same routine all the time," she says. "We'd go for hikes, a jog on the beach, or do kickboxing or pilates and yoga" Braganza mixed the calorie-burning cardio with free weights, planks, and other core exercises and combinations of squats, lunges, and jumps that tone trouble spots and get the heart pumping.
 As for her diet, Berry's I am sure she did not eat fast food and chips and sit a round all day before,during or after her pregnancy. If she did she would not look the way she does. Many people believe their own victim script of she just has more money for trainers,a chef or the time and perfect genes(not skinny jeans) to have that perfect body. The truth is it is all about choices that add up to one outcome. Just take one step at a time and do not deviate from your goal and expectation until you get it. It is the on again off again attitude that holds you back from these kinds of super-star results. So there answer is easy just live it and don't think of your wellness program as temporary-it just is and just be-just live it and understand you can not fol the body. You must live it everyday.
  She always followed helpful habits for slimming down -- eating small meals every few hours and avoiding sodium-rich and fried food -- because they keep her blood-sugar levels steady, which is crucial for managing her diabetes. Some of her favorite go-to meals: homemade soups or fish with leafy greens like kale or spinach and brown rice. Her soup isn't just soup -- there's probably lots of vegetables and beans, so it's filling.
Treat exercise like a standing appointment. If you really want to see progress, "you have to schedule exercise in your day, or it probably won't happen," says Braganza. When you're back at work, set up regular dates in your e-mail calendar to hit the gym or take a walk during lunch, or make a point to stroll with your baby for 20 minutes every night.
madonna diet and fitness,weight loss celebrity secret,madonna weight loss,madonna celebrity secretMadonna's
weight loss and fitness celebrity secret
 Madonna's ultra-fit physique has been a consistant expression of the super star's ever changing persona. She  manages to keep herself so slim and yet so energetic. Some may argue that since she's such a versatile, world famous entertainer, it's part of her job to look good - however, while the "why" may be anyone's guess these days, the "how" is not that big a secret anymore. A short-term diet that ensures a weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds a week over six weeks, combined with one to two-hour workout routines six times a week.

"It's perfectly healthy", Madonna's trainer Tracy Anderson told US Weekly. "My formula works on everyone as long as they're consistent", adds the personal trainer, who has a studio in L.A and promises she can shape pretty much any body into a "teeny-tiny dancer type". The key to Anderson's fitness regime (and the key to Madonna's ultra-fit physical shape) is to constantly change the routine and mix dancing with other types of cardio training (such as treadmill sprints, jumping rope or running on a trampoline) as well as various other types of crunches and weight lifting. The constant switching will prevent any group of muscles from bulking up.

As for the aforementioned diet, it bans processed food, dairy and just about all kinds of spices, which Anderson says are "bloating and upset your digestive system, which causes you to store fat", as well as any oil and sauce intake. Alcohol and caffeine are out of the question. The daily water intake, on the other hand, should be between 1.5 to 3 liters. Also, Anderson recommends only one serving of whole-grain carbs a day, preferably in the morning. Have a look at what Madonna has to eat on two separate days of her diet and make up your mind if you could bring yourself to stick to it, too. Keep in mind that while you don't have to eat the same thing every day, you can only mix and match complete days' menus if you feel your eating routine is getting too boring. Enjoy.
lady-gagamadonna diet and fitness,weight loss celebrity secret,madonna weight loss,madonna celebrity secret,lady gaga diet fitness secret
Lady Gaga’s
weight loss and fitness celebrity secret
 Lady Gaga consists of a daily 25-minute session combining strength and cardio exercise. Just like in his 5-factor diet plan, clients are allowed “cheat days” which is two days off from exercise. Lady Gaga’s fitness trainer revealed on The Today Show that the secret to Lady Gaga’s killer abs were lots of crunch exercises. He starts her on a basic crunch exercise and modifies that into reverse crunches, ending with a double crunch exercise – lifting both ends of  your body toward your center at the same time.
Lady Gaga also does her 5-Factor fitness training workout with a HarleyBar exercise equipment created by Pasternak. This exercise a cool barbell/dumbbell combination she travels with. She also does a 5-minute jog as a warm up exercise. Want a killer body like Lady Gaga? Follow these fitness exercise advices from fitness trainer Pasternak:
Do the following three exercises as a circuit. Three times for 25 reps each set – DB back Rows – which train your upper back and posture muscles, DB deadlifts, which target your hamstrings thighs and butt, and Side bends, which work your and obliques. Also do five minutes of skipping rope exercises.  Before the MTV VMA award ceremonies this year where Lady Gaga was set to performs, Harley was there with her, helping Lady Gaga with her fitness exercises. Why? Fitness trainer Harley says when you’re wearing a costume like Lady Gaga’s, exercise just gives you that added boost to make you look and feel super confident. “It’s not just about doing abs exercises,” Harley said on the show. “It’s mainly about eating the right foods, doing the cardio exercises and burning the fat on top of the abs.”
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