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Susan Marlowe Fitness & weight loss for Women - Yoga
Membership has its benefits
As a member at Susan Marlowe Fitness , you will have access to and enjoy the following:
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We welcome you to consider being part of the new generation of wellness for women-the fitness club designed for Women and estabilshed in 1973. The benefits are many if you become a dedicated participant you will be amazed and say "how did I ever miss a day".
 Here are some of the possible pluses you may want to consider:
1. Regular exercise
Many people have good intentions for exercising, but getting to it on a routine basis can be challenging. When you join a health club, you may feel more of a commitment to get busy and keep with it. After all, getting dressed and heading for the club is more fun than doing a workout on the living room floor in front of the tv. Arrange your schedule in advance so you know which days are best for your workout, and then stick to your plan so you can see results.
2. Socialization. Going to the health club several times a week means that you will probably meet many different members, most with goals that are similar to yours. It may be fun to compare goals or methods or exchange ideas with others who are there for the same reasons. After a few visits you will get to know others by name, and they will know you, reinforcing the sense of membership that you will enjoy from going to the club for exercise.
3. Equipment and services. we feature the latest in workout equipment, weights, and a variety of classes-all in one stop. In our busy lifestyle it is even more important to have it all under one roof and all in an atmosphere that inspires you. The club design is comfortable,clean,airy with modern touches and a panoramic view of the outdoors. It is your option to plug your i pod in and watch your favorite show or listen to music or watch the fitness class or look at the beautiful sunset outside.From Plates to yoga, you can find a variety of techniques, methods, and machines that will help you reach your goals. You’ll feel more motivated to spend 30 minutes on your favorite workout technique at the club than you will at home with home equipment and cell phone and email interruptions. our clients have shared that they believe the atmosphere is conducive to move your body with the highest intensity;while it is also essential to motivate the mind and keep your workouts safe. The proper layout,the best instructors and proper training keep wellness goal progressive and safe.
4. Encouragement and support. Because of the many members of many health clubs, you will probably cross paths with others with similar mindsets. As you develop acquaintances and friendships, you can encourage each other with comments, accountability partnerships, and sharing enjoyable activities. The staff members are specially trained to pace you appropriately at activities that are geared to address your specific concerns. Being with professional instructors and dedicated club members will help keep you focused on your workout goals. As th e saying goes surround your self with positive people and it is easier if they have a common goal. There is strength in numbers figuratively and of course,literally.
5.value and commitment. Paying a monthly or annual health club fee can make anyone feel more committed to the program. When you pay a fee to join a health club, you may feel like you’re doing something important for your overall health and well-being, as indeed you are. Paying your dues can help to keep you involved and motivated and more important you are giving yourself a daily gift of energy,life and endorphins. Being healthy and fit should actually save you money in the long run-so if you use the benefits on a regular basis you will save money in the long run. If you join the monthly program and you use the facility just 3 times per month the cost is less than buy a cup of coffee and the per class fee too. We believe this is the most important accessory--the one you dont have to put on and the one that affects everything else in your life. So,this is the best value and the best program and facility too.
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