TV show host and celebrity chef Rachael Ray loses weight!
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TV show host and celebrity chef Rachael Ray loses weight!

susan Marlowe fitness for women
yoga,sweet potato fries,Live fitness classes for women, yoga,kim kardashian,Rachel ray,diet for women,weight loss for women,diet tips for women,diet blog for women,free fitness classes for women,jenna marbles,best diet for weight loss, fitness tips for a hot body,fast weight loss,recipes for weight loss TV show host and celebrity chef Rachael Ray  loses weight!
TV show host and celebrity chef Rachael Rayis not one to shy away from personal questions.  And the secrets to her weight loss are no exception. Rachael has always been cute and curvy. But now she’s wearing hot outfits that are 2-3 sizes smaller and looking better than ever at the age of 41. How did she do it? (Especially when she cooks and tastes crazy-good food every day of the week…)“I started running 3 1/2 miles every morning after throat surgery to remove a cyst. The gym used to be my adversary. Now I look forward to it every day," said Ray. According to PEOPLE, Ray spends about 30 minutes a day running, then heads to the gym for 45-60 minutes of elliptical training before descending on a circuit of machines. She says she looks forward to the workout every morning except Sunday. Ray claims she now feels healthier and sexier, thinks clearer and has more energy. Did she need any more energy?Ray also says she doesn’t know exactly how many pounds she’s lost. “Who’s counting? I haven’t stepped on a scale since I was 12!” She seemingly lost weight on a non-diet that consisted of 90 minutes of daily exercise. Hey, whatever works! Most people (who don’t have 5 jobs like Rachael Ray does,) don’t have time for an hour+ of exercise in their busy lives. But her weight loss goes to show just how important incorporating a workout routine is.The Food Network chef went to Washington this past May to help lobby Congress on the Child Nutrition Bill. At hand is the issue of providing healthier school lunches across the U.S. to prevent childhood obesity. Rachael has already dedicated lots of time/effort to this cause through her own non-profit organization, Yum-O!, empowering children and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking. Ray drove home the point that we can invest now and provide our children with healthy nutritious food and education or pay a whole lot more in the years to come. Isn’t that the truth? Way to go, Rachael Ray!
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