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diet tips,calories burned in one hour,calories burned chart

6 tips to lose weight while eating out in a restaurant

Dining at a restaurant can be daunting.  However, keep in mind that options vary depending on the type of restaurant and cuisine you are eating.

First, do not be tempted by specials or the pictures in the menu. Most of these are entrees with large portions and more likely to have a high fat and/or caloric content. So, try to share an entrée and add a side veg and a salad.Always remember that the picture usually looks better than the actual food. If you are really interested in the special, see if you can have the server bring a to-go box so you can portion your meal prior to eating eat.

Memorial day 2014 diet tips!

If you managed to survive the food temptations at the office or at last Saturday's dinner outing, then maybe you're ready to take on the challenge of Memorial Day Weekend. If you hadn't caught the Spring bug by now, by Monday Memorial day 2014 you'll have a full-on case of summer fever. Once again, barbecues and picnics will be waiting to lure you in with their potato salads, grills full of burgers and brats and coolers making ice cold beers readily available. 
You've probably spent the better part of the spring focused on losing weight for summer.

need another reason to start a yoga practice? the key to happiness is...

 If you have never been the yoga type than why not consider the many benefits of this timeless practice. Also,understand that you do not need to be one extreme or the other. You can try one or 2 yoga postures as part of your daily routine-I suggest first thing in the morning. Just like brushing your teeth 3 times a day-brush your body with a 3 minute alignment yoga stretch sequence. My favorite a fusion yoga workout-combine your favorite cross training moves and alternate with 2-3 yoga poses.

the new 2011 Food Guide Pyramid becomes MyPlate

Food Guide Pyramid becomes MyPlate
Developed in 1992, the original Food Pyramid Guide was an educational tool used to help Americans select healthful diets. However, trying to apply this guide may have felt at times like trying to climb the Great Pyramids.
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boot camp for women,bridal bootcamp,susan marlowe diet fitness,classes,programs,diet pills,diet shakes,diet products,weight loss tips,celebrity,diet recipe,snooky,Susan Marlowe Fitness,Lifetime fitness,diet recipes,weight loss tips for women,free weight loss diets, dr z diet tips,dr oz weight loss planFortunately, we no longer have to think of the pyramid while we prepare our plates. The food guide pyramid is being retired as a new symbol for healthy food choice is unveiled:my plate.
MyPlate is an uncomplicated illustration of how to build a healthy meal using the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy.

Three Cheers for Losing Weight With Chocolate!

 Let's face it;everyone enjoys the sweet taste and smooth texture of chocolate. Whether you're the kind of chocolate lover that craves a rich, creamy piece of cake after a meal or the kind who reaches for a candy bar at the convenience store, we all love chocolate. Sadly, we also seem to have that love-hate relationship with chocolate. We love to enjoy that delicious bite of chocolaty goodness, but we hate to think about how our waistlines will pay for it later. 

It's time to forget feeling guilty about satisfying those chocolate cravings and start enjoying great tasting foods that you enjoy.

Five (5) Tips For Dieting While celebrating 4th of july!

sweet potato fries,Live fitness classes for women, yoga,kim kardashian,Rachel ray,diet for women,weight loss for women,diet tips for women,diet blog for women,free fitness classes for women,jenna marbles,best diet for weight loss, fitness tips for a hot body,fast weight loss,recipes for weight loss
 It's July 4th weekend, it's summer and you're most likely going to take a vacation. But what if you're dieting now? When you're at a party or on vacation it's very easy to be tempted and cheat and sabotage all your progress. So here are 5 tips for continuing your weight loss while celebrating the 4th or while on vacation.

1) Always pack healthy snacks and plan ahead!
Whether you're heading to the beach or walking around Disney World or an amusement park - if you get hungry and you smell the savory aromas of fast food, you'll cheat.

Bridal Bootcamp Arms & The Princess DIET!

With the recent Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton in the news, today's modern bride (and most women, too) have become focused on the importance of not only the dress, but, also the accessories that you don't "put on" ( on the big day )(oranyday): Your body, your posture, your defined abs, your inner glow, your inner strength, your confidence, your healthy lifestyle, energy... and, this is the short list. Princess Kate certainly has it and it is no secret that she is fit and has a healthy regimen to balance her busy life and new princess demands.
Bridal Bootcamp Arms & The Princess DIET!
Bridal bootcamp sweet potato fries,Live fitness classes for women, yoga,kim kardashian,Rachel ray,diet for women,weight loss for women,diet tips for women,diet blog for women,free fitness classes for women,jenna marbles,best diet for weight loss, fitness tips for a hot body,fast weight loss,recipes for weight loss

Is Oprah going vegan for a week another reason to go vegan and organic?? Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

Is Oprah going vegan for a week another reason to go vegan and organic?? Reasons to Choose Organic Foods
susan Marlowe fitness for women
This week Oprah declared that she and her entire staff will go vegan for one week. Wow! How things have changed-remember when she said she won't eat a burger and she got sued by the meat industry. When Oprah makes headline it is just another reason to reflect on your personal choices-so here we go:
An organic and vegan diet motivates many of us to seek out methods by any means necessary, but this extreme is just not necessary.

5 Shoveling Tips to lose weight and stay safe

5 Shoveling Tips to lose weight and stay safe:
susan Marlowe fitness for women
susan Marlowe fitness for women
yogaThere are so many reasons why we should use caution when shoveling snow. If you have tennis elbow or a bad back you need to be particularly careful whenshoveling snow. Be sure to use a  good quality, lightweight snow shovel that fits your body. Go to the local hardware store and see what feels best for you. One of the worst things you can do is try to shovel your driveway with a small or to large digging shovel. They are just not made to move the snow and will put much more strain on your body.

move more to lose it and think thin!

1. You have to exercise more than you think.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week; this includes things like shoveling snow and gardening. And while this is great for improving heart health and staying active, research indicates that those looking to lose weight or maintain weight loss have to do more -- about twice as much.
For instance, members of the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) -- a group of over 5,000 individuals who have lost an average of sixty-six pounds and kept it off for five and a half years -- exercise for about an hour,